Somme Battlefield Tour


During this WW1 battlefield tour we visit:


-The Gommecourt Salient, scene of the diversion tragically gone wrong

-Sheffield Park at the Serre Road, scene of action of the Pals' battallions

-Newfoundland Park and the Sunken Road on Hawthorn Ridge

-The Thiepval Memorial to the Missing

-Lochnagar Crater at La Boiselle, the largest single mine crater on the Western Front

-Devonshire Cemetery, where William Noel Hodgson wrote his famous poem

-The site where Captain Nevill's East Surreys kicked their footballs across no-man's land

-Delville Wood, valiantly defended by the South African Brigade

-High Wood, scene of the last cavalry action as well as one of the first tank actions

-Pozieres, gallantly taken at a huge cost by the Australians


Many period photographs and maps are shown during this tour, which can be personalized upon your request.


The duration of this WW1 battlefield tour is approximately 10 hours.

Cost: 1 person:     160 euros, lunch included.

          2 persons:  300 euros, lunch included

          3 persons:  440 euros, lunch included